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onager (plural onagers or onagri)

  1. A military engine acting like a sling, which threw stones from a bag or wooden bucket, and was operated by machinery.
  2. A wild ass, especially the koulan.

6 letters in word "onager": A E G N O R.

Anagrams of onager:

Words found within onager:

ae aeon aero ag age agen ager ago agon agone an ane anger ar are areg argon ea ean ear earn ego en eng eoan eon er era erg ergo ergon ern gae gaen gan gane gar gare gean gear gen gena genoa genro geo gnar go goa goe goer gon gone goner gor gore gran gren groan grone na nae nag nagor nare ne near neg negro no nog nor oar oe ogre on one oner or ora orang ore organ rag rage ran rang range re rean reg regna rego ren renga roan roe rone rong

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